GOOD C★NT launched in 2021 with a strong focus on being as environmental friendly as possible. We blend style and quality with an ethical & sustainable approach. Our team is committed to provide authentic and responsible clothes that you can be proud to wear.

Good Cxnt Human Collection

Up to 90% of our human clothing range is made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton and 100% phthalate free ink, so you can look good and feel great. 

Right now it is not possible to produce all of our range 100% Organic but this is something we are continuously trying to fix.

Environmental Impact of the T shirt Industry

A single Earth Positive tee shirt produces 90% less CO2 than a standard tee-shirt, that is a massive 6 kilo’s or 12lb saving per tee.

Non-organic cotton is one of the most destructive crops on the planet, accounting for 3% of the worlds crop but a massive 25% of the worlds insecticide. It has a massive impact on pollution levels, & water usage. The garment industry itself is one of the worst abusers of workers rights, and why it is so important to research where the clothes you buy and sell come from.


Where possible we use plastic-free packaging so you can recycle easily from home. 


To cut down and minimise long distance transport as much as possible, we produce and ship our products from different locations, so wherever you are located you will get your items the cheapest and quickest way possible.

Reducing our carbon footprint

To offset our carbon footprint we have teamed up with Ecologi who plant a tree for every T shirt we sell.

Our philosophy

Spread positivity and kindness, respect the land and show gratitude to the good people around you. Embrace the Good Cxnt!

Be bold. Be genuine, Be a GOOD CNT