Who are GOOD CNT?

GOOD C★NT launched in 2021 with a mission to unearth, connect and acknowledge good people from around the world.

The brand helping you pay homage to a #goodcxnt

With roots in sound system and party culture, we take inspiration from the underground club scene and the pure love for dance music and all people involved. Our clothing and merchandise range reflects the passion and love of the underground movement, while spreading love and support for the musical community.

Our aim is to expose and unite good cxnt’s from all walks of life, and spark a movement of positivity and connection, through style and culture.

What we do?

We make quality alternative fashion for awesome humans and legendary pets. The brand specialises in T shirts, sweaters and hoodies for men, women and animals, and represents togetherness, joy and friendship. Our feel good clothes bring positivity and happiness into every day life.

Traits of a Good Cxnt?

Genuine, kind, honest, fair, dependable, determined, generous, ambitious, courageous, caring, loyal, independent, respectful, grateful, fun, empathetic, positive, friendship…

Good Cxnt Human Collection

We blend style and quality with an ethical & sustainable approach. Our team is committed to provide authentic and responsible clothes that you can be proud to wear. Up to 95% of our human clothing range is made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton and 100% phthalate free ink, so you can look good and feel great.

Good Cxnt Animal Collection

Our pets are genuine good cxnt’s. Let them know! We stock a range of Hoodies, tanks and bandanas to keep your best friends feeling warm and looking cool.

Our philosophy

Be Bold. Be Genuine. Be a Good Cxnt. Spread positivity and kindness, respect the land and show gratitude to the good people around you. Embrace the Good Cxnt!


In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, 90% of our products are made from 100% organic cotton that has been ethically sourced. We use plastic-free packaging and we produce in different locations to minimise long distance transport.


We are growing a community of Good Cxnt’s. Join us on Fb, Insta and TikTok for all the latest happenings at @beagoodcxnt


Good Cxnt is a term of affection. The ultimate compliment you can give someone. We sincerely hope no one is offended by the use the word c*nt as this is absolutely not our intension.

Be bold. Be genuine. Be a GOOD C★NT.